Week 1

WEEK 1: March 14- March 20

Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm, Alana Gerecke in residence
Wednesday, March 16, 7pm panel talk with Alexa Mardon, Brynn McNab, and Jacquelyn Ross
Friday, March 18, 1pm, reading hour
Saturday, March 19, 3pm, co-writing criticism workshop by Brynn McNab

The panel talk featuring An Exact Vertigo curators Alexa Mardon and Brynn McNab, and Publication Studio Vancouver resident Jacquelyn Ross, connects the exhibition on the walls of the gallery, with the dance series’ concern about texts, poetics, and the idea of the score in movement based practices. It will explore questions about what kind of dance is possible within the practice of writing, what role text has in a dance practice, and the varied and combined use of poetics in both realms. This will also be the launch of the pamphlet series put together by Jacquelyn Ross entitled I Just Want To Talk About How I Just Want To Dance With You. (Images shown above) which puts together correspondence on dance, movement, poetics, and criticism between herself and Jane Ellison, Deanna Peters, Alexa Mardon, and Brynn McNab. Listen to the talk here.

Jacquelyn Ross is an artist, poet, critic and occasional curator based in Vancouver, Canada. She was a 2014 Curatorial Resident at 221A, and her art writing has appeared on artforum.com, C Magazine, The Capilano Review, and Decoy. Her self-published chapbook, Neighbour Poems, was released in 2014. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Simon Fraser University in 2012. She is currently artist-in-residence at Publication Studio Vancouver, and is working on her first book of poetry and short stories.

Brynn McNab graduated with a BFA in Critical and Cultural Studies from Emily Carr University by way of Film Production from NSCAD University. Since then, her work has included writing, curating and editing, including the relaunch of ISSUE magazine in 2014. She has curated four exhibitions at Unit/Pitt Projects, the most recent of which was Monique Levesque’s Why Am I Afraid to Love? which featured the artist’s texts and diary entries displayed on posters around Vancouver, in the gallery space, and in published book form.  She is currently interested in an expanded field of writing, which incorporates casual correspondence and co-production.

Alexa Solveig Mardon is a Vancouver-based dance artist working in performance, writing, and curating. She completed her contemporary dance training with Modus Operandi (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre) and her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Writing at Simon Fraser University. She has performed with Vancouver-based companies and artists at platforms including Vancouver International Dance Festival, Dancing on the Edge Festival, EDAM Choreographic Series and Expanse Festival, and her critical and creative writing have been published in journals including Westcoast Line, Room Magazine, ISSUE Magazine and The Dance Current.

Co-writing Criticism is a workshop that Brynn McNab has been developing over the past year, as a method of investigating the myriad problems intrinsic to art criticism. Based in form off of a similar workshop hosted by Albin Werle focussed on co-authoring science fiction stories, the activities are based in a single google document with multiple authors. Following a group discussion on the tools, aims, and pitfalls of critique, a text is generated simultaneously by all participants about an exhibition, single work, or performance. The project hopes to create a networked discussion that takes place in the space of the work, resulting in a singular text which is authored by all participants.

Participants in the workshop must bring a device that allows them to connect to the internet and edit a google document. If someone would like to participate in the workshop, but does not have access to such a device, please contact Brynn McNab ahead of time at anexactvertigo@gmail.com, and one will be provided for you.

Alana Gerecke will be the first resident in the series. During this time, she intends on working to break down the neat divide between her movement training, research, and performance on one hand and critical research, dialogue, and writing on the other. During the residency, she will be exploring the possibilities and limitations of her own version of a moving criticism. Leaning toward a duet of artistic and academic selves—one that takes movement as not just an object of study, but an epistemology rigorous in its flexibility—she  will examine “place” itself as a site of slippage between the physical and the psychic, between geographical coordinates and socio-aesthetic significance.
Have a look at what she shared with us on March 18 here.

Alana Gerecke is a dancer and a dance scholar. A doctoral candidate in the English Department at Simon Fraser University, her dissertation examines the spatial and social politics of contemporary dance set in public, urban places along Canada’s west coast.

Gerecke is a Trudeau Scholar and a SSHRC Queen’s Fellow. Her dance scholarship has been published in Dance Research Journal, Performance Research, Canadian Theatre Review, The Dance Current, and Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s (Dance Collection Danse, 2012). She presents her research regularly at conferences nationally and abroad, and she was an invited participant in the Mellon Dance Studies Summer Seminar (2013). Gerecke is also an active professional contemporary dancer. A graduate of SFU’s Dance program, she has worked with EDAM Dance (company member from 2006-2013), battery opera Performance, Projet In Situ (France), LINK Dance, Co.ERASGA, Mutable Subject, Aretha Aoki, Melanie Kuxdorf, and others. Gerecke is a co-founder of the Behind Open Doors Arts Collective (2004-2013), and has presented some of her own choreographic works in Vancouver and beyond. Also a movement facilitator, she has taught a wide range of dance and movement practices to all ages both inside the studio and out.