March 16: Poetics, Performance and Criticism

The discussion on March 16th featured  Alexa Mardon Brynn McNab, and Publication Studio Vancouver resident Jacquelyn Ross, and and was led by Peter Dickinson. Meant to connect the exhibition on the walls of the gallery, with the dance series’ concern about texts, poetics, and the idea of the score in movement based practices, It explored questions about what kind of dance is possible within the practice of writing, what role text and writing has in a dance practice, and the variations of  the use of poetics and criticism in both realms. This was also the launch of the pamphlet series put together by Jacquelyn Ross entitled I Just Want To Talk About How I Just Want To Dance With You, which puts together correspondence on dance, movement, poetics, and criticism between herself and Jane Ellison, Deanna Peters, Alexa Mardon, and Brynn McNab.