April 6: Hong Kong Exile


On Wednesday night, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Milton Lim and Remy Siu of Hong Kong Exile told us about processes of deskilling and reskilling in their own practices, and led us in a discussion about obstacles and possibilities that appear when moving towards a post-disciplinary creative method. Strategies for dismantling and decolonizing learned, institutional, and political access to knowledge, and reclaiming the apparatus of the self as a tool for doing so were debated. In short, it was a much needed conversation, and you can listen to it here:


April 2: Pleasure, Lee Su-Feh

On Saturday, April 2nd, Lee Su-Feh led us in a workshop called Pleasure. We moved towards pleasure, yielded around obstacles, used our voices, and explored our bodies with virtual gloves.



March 30, 2016: Lee Su-Feh’s Teachers

Last night choreographer, dancer and co-artistic director of battery opera performance Lee Su-Feh led us through her life and career by way of her teachers and mentors. Badass women, the colonial gaze, and the responsibility and complexities of “being with” all came up. Listen to the talk here:

Su-Feh is performing her solo “The Things I Carry” Thursday-Saturday at 7pm at her space The Hopbopshop. Tickets can be bought online here: 

Join us on Saturday afternoon at 3pm in the gallery for a workshop with Su-Feh called “Pleasure” in which Su-Feh will explore pleasure as the guiding principle in constructing a language – very old or very new, spoken or otherwise – out of the wisdom of our biology.

March 25: Carolina Bergonzoni

On Friday, March 25, Carolina Bergonzoni took over our reading hour to share her methodology she has been working with The Phenomenology of Perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty. We attempted to move with her through the steps she set out for us: Begin, Move, Dance, and Witness, with documentation of each step in between. How do we embody a text in a creative act?

Alexa Mardon used this structure to perform a duet with her phone:

March 23: Justine A. Chambers, Mutual Interview


Last night, Justine A. Chambers eschewed the formal tradition of the artist’s talk for a  mutual interview with the group that attended. All questions directed at her were answered with a reciprocal question pulled from various dance artists’ interviews, and/or the Proust questionnaire from Vanity Fair.

Justine A. Chambers will also be leading a workshop open to the public this Saturday, at 3pm at Unit/Pitt Projects.

If you missed it, the audio recording of the talk is available here:

March 19: Co-Writing Criticism

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.14.20 PM

Today Wil Aballe was kind enough to host Brynn McNab’s workshop on co-producing a critical art text. We gathered in Wil Aballe’s space to view and write about Evann Siebens’ exhibition, THE INDEXICAL, ALPHABETIZED, MEDIATED, ARCHIVAL DANCE-A-THON!

A digital performative process, we wrote for 20 minutes, read through the document, and then made some editorial decisions as a group. The finished document is available here, in PDF form: